It is a frequent use-case to include a map in dashboards, websites or web applications. But how do we go from a list of coordinates, or a Python code that retrieves these coordinates from an API, to an interactive JavaScript-based map on our website? I will explain this in an example of a simple web app, which displays all the shops around the entered location.

Input page

Let’s start by talking about the input page. I made it very simple, without any unnecessary elements and without even a gram of styling with CSS. Just a good, old HTML, obviously in the Flask…

How many shops are there in the area? What’s the number of restaurants in 250 meters radius from here? Are there any office buildings around? What about the hospitals? These questions are crucial for many industries such as real estate and this article shows how to answer them using OpenStreetMap data in Python.

Using OpenStreetMap data from Python is actually quite easy because of the API called Overpass Turbo that can be used to query geospatial data from OpenStreetMap. …

Recently I worked on a rather quick and simple, yet quite interesting project. I was given a few hundred HTML files and I needed to get all the texts from the document and put them in a CSV file. Sounds easy but there were a few caveats that required a few clever solutions, so in this article, I want to show you how I approached this problem.


There were actually two different tasks, but let’s talk about the data first. As I mentioned, I was given hundreds of similar-looking HTML files that mostly comprised of some legal texts and contracts…

I once worked in a Belgium-based educational NGO that cooperated a lot with high schools all around the country. For outreach purposes, we always wished to have a list of contact information for all the educational institutions in Belgium but such a list seemed too perfect to exist. But after all, it’s public information that surely exists somewhere. So let’s scrape them!

Schools in Antwerp province; Screenshot from source


Firstly, a little bit of context about how the educational system in Belgium (and the country itself) works because it’s a tad complicated. As you may know, Belgium is divided into 3 semi-autonomous regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels…

The best part about data fusion is finding interesting relationships and correlations in the most unexpected places. This isn’t just another story about COVID, about how it disrupted our industry or how it made many of our models useless. Because aside all these negative effects, COVID lockdowns in Europe gave us important insights into the purpose of parking facilities but also showed interesting changes in human behaviour during and after the lockdown.


To start with, let me explain to you what I and my company did. I worked at a parking firm that owns and operates car parks all around…

In many cases, the driving or walking distance between two points is far more important and informative than a straight line distance. However, finding it is much more difficult and forces us to rely on APIs such as Distance Matrix API from Google Maps. But how to structure the data so that they can be used with this API and how to decrease the number of calls to a minimum to reduce the costs?


Let’s say we have an Excel spreadsheet with just two columns. The first one has the origin addresses and the second one has destination addresses, and…

The weather has a profound impact on mobility choices and hence on the performance of entities dependent on mobility. However, investigating what impact the changing weather has on behaviour is a difficult task. This article presents a solution in Python using a notion of Weather Rating and historic weather data from the Netherlands.


Weather conditions are in many cases one of the features impacting the customers' behaviour. It was also the case this time when my company operating in the parking industry had long wondered if changes in weather only affect in any way the number of customers in their…

Mateusz Wiza

Data Scientist @ Q-Park

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